HK rope cabling machine
(single sided machine, common flyer drive)
  function multispindle rope cabling machine to produce small 3-and 4-ply ropes
fully balanced cable/rope by means of adjustable fore-twist of twisted yarns/strans
feeding bobbins of ring twister or flyer twisteer utilizable
  use medium to extrem hard rope
for all kind of natural and synthetic fibres
  advantage high production, low power consumption, low floor space, lower investment as per
single head rope machines
    picture type range diameter rpm max rope bobbin twine bobbin
HK 12x8 1 - 5mm Ø 1800 8"Øx12" traverse on request
HK 12x10 2 - 6mm Ø 1400 10"Øx12" traverse on request
HK 12x13 3 - 7mm Ø 1400 13"Øx12" traverse on request
  we reserve the right to alter details of specifications and equipment without notice