MTE combined rope machine in 2:1 system
(twist per minute = 2x rope flyer speed)
  function combined rope machine to produce strand, rope and finished rope coil in single
operation, all machines in 3- or 4-ply version available
change of direction S/Z
robust machine design
  use medium to hard rope
  advantage economic 2:1 combined rope machine
  produced built in cooperation with memmingen know-how
    picture type rope rage bobbins *1
rope coil *2
or reel
take up
max. weight
MTE-08 3 - 10mm Ø 6 per strand 420mØx300mm 20kg/PP 11KW
MTE-14 4 - 14mm Ø 12 per strand 480mØx345mm 30kg/PP 22KW
MTE-16 5 - 16mm Ø 14 per strand 480mØx345mm 30kg/PP 22KW
MTE-20 8 - 20mm Ø 20 per strand 670mØx400mm 70kg/PP 22KW
MTE-26 8 - 26mm Ø 22 per strand 850mØx525mm 130kg/PP 30KW
MTE-40 10 - 40mm Ø 28 per strand 1100mØx700mm 285kg/PP 30KW
  *1 different nos. of twine bobbins according your need possible
*2 rope coil traverse adjustable, different dimensions possible, rpm depending on pre-twist factor

we reserve the right to alter details of specifications and equipment without notice